Monday, March 05, 2007

Here's my weekend craft!!!

My new saying is 'Let go of the outcome'...I've been using this whenever life seems to get a little tough and it is working amazingly well for me. I wanted to keep a reminder of it close at hand, so I decided to put it in front of me where I spend most of my time - in front of my computer.

I wrote the letters using Tulip 3D Fashon Paint on some stiff plastic and when it was dry, I peeled it off and applied it to my computer. If you don't feel comfortable freehanding the lettering, write it out or print it off on your printer and place the plastic over the lettering and trace with the paint! The flowers are dots made in a circle with more paint in the center. My mind is racing with ideas for each month - 4 leaf clovers, Easter eggs, flags...when you're ready to change them out, they easily peel off.

If you look really close, you'll see little hearts - those have been on my computer for literally years using the same technique.


Anonymous said...

Letting go of the outcome is a good expression! It recognizes that you don't always have control of what happens so you shouldn't stress over it, but it doesn't release you from the importance of trying your very best.

Good job Joan!

violette said...

What a great way to remind yourself of this expression! You're bound to have it sink in! I would love to try that technique!