Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Little Things Make People's Day

I had a most delightful Labor Day Weekend and in looking back it was the random acts of kindness, surprises or just people doing things for others that stand out in my mind.

Let's start with this morning - I heard the wind blowing pretty hard as I was laying in bed. I just knew that my trash cans, that I'd heaped to overflowing, would have fallen over and strewn trash all over. Indeed the trash was everywhere, but someone had been kind enough to have picked up my trashcans and faced them so they wouldn't fall over again. I went down the street and picked up my garbage - wouldn't you know it, my parents had given me loads of tomatoes and some had 'gone passed their prime' and I'd put them in the trash - one had rolled most of the way down the hill. The wind did blow over my trashcans twice more this morning, but in looking at it, it isn't a big deal, just one of those things.

Another instance of kindness - I bought a coffee table this weekend and a neighbor saw me struggling to get it out of my car and came over to help. It took less than a minute, but meant so much.

I attended a small orchid show and I was greeted with a complimentary orchid. I love orchids but hesitate to buy them because I can never get them to bloom again. Keep your fingers crossed with this one.

And, looking back over my last week, there were a couple other instances that I chalked up to living in a small town. My windshield wipers were shot, so I went to my local auto supply store and they put them on for me - no charge, just offered. I learned something that day - that the left and right windshield wipers aren't the same size - duh!

These instances remind me to be mindful of others (and myself) - even a smile will brighten someones day.

Here's smiling at you!


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Nancy D said...

Welcome to small town America!! Sis