Sunday, August 02, 2009

Road Trip to Cambria

In celebration of my one year anniversary of moving to the coast, I invited a friend on a little road trip. We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants along the ocean and then stopped at one of my favorite nurseries where I found this lovely fringed Shasta Daisy. I've been looking for them and here they appeared. A delightful day.

I had planned to spend some time reflecting on my last year and to see where I'd like my life to go over the next year, but it's been such a great year full of new friends and new things to experience that I didn't really feel the need to delve much deeper than that.

As for the next year, I'm working on that too through my volunteer work at COPE (Center for Obesity Prevention and Education) working with the team at Cal Poly and now at Univision to get the word out about the symposium and going full-steam ahead on my kids' book. Yes, life at the beach is amazing...

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