Friday, November 20, 2009

Hearst Castle Christmas

It all started with me finding a listing in a local weekly freebie newspaper about Hearst Castle being decorated for Christmas. I thought I'd put it out to my Newcomers Club to see who would like to go. Well, it's turned into what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. One of my Newcomer friends is a docent and they hold a special party for them and she happened to have three extra tickets!!! So, guess who's going to the party and gets to see Hearst Castle all decorated? Love it!!! Now, I have about 10 other members who want to go, so looks like I will be going with them at a later date since I organized the function. You can never get too much of Hearst Castle!

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SimpleTruth said...

Wow this is beautiful! I want to visit so bad! Thanks for the extra tidbits!