Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

My new year started in an 'ouch' way!!! I went sandboarding (just like snowboarding, but down a hill of sand). First time - perfect! I sat down on the board. Second time, we went to a higher hill and it was suggested I go head first. It was scary, but I made it to the bottom - not too bad, a whole lot of sand found its way to places it shouldn't be. After I collected myself, I saw blood on my hand. "Apply pressure" came to mind. I'm fine, but nursing a sore finger today. Then the other ouch was when I got back to my car - a $93 parking ticket!!!! Small prices to pay for a fun time.

I'm laying low today waiting to hear from a friend who's in the area touring a lighthouse then a fish taco lunch to start the new year off right!

Here's to an 'ouchless' new year!!!

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