Monday, August 16, 2010

Friends, Hike and New Experiences

It was a wonderful weekend filled with friends, exercise and new adventures.

Saturday, a friend and I ventured out on the Pecho Coast Trail for an almost four hour hike to tour the Point San Luis Lighthouse. We do a lot of walking, take an exercise class and I do Zumba, so I figured we could do it - there were times, especially at the end, where my knees were telling me that I need to stick to more level ground in the future. But the hike was absolutely gorgeous and the lighthouse is being beautifully restored!!! It is a guided tour (through a locked gate) and you have to sign up at least two weeks in advance at

On Sunday, a friend and I went to see Eat Pray Love starring Julie Roberts. I need to see it again because there were some very interesting points that I need to ponder...AND, I ran into a woman at the theater I used to work with at Duncan. Small world...

It's a new week filled with visiting a friend who is on vacation here, meetings, follow-up to my doctor's visit and some creativity wherever I can find it!

Make it a great week!

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