Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My New Home

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted anything in quite awhile - I even had to stop and think how to start a post...well, I am in my new home and the craftiness in me has taken over. Take a look at these inexpensive and quick ideas to decorate your home or even for gifts.

I took several of these photos on my trip to London last year when I was visiting my high school friend, Kathy. All you need to mount the photos is the photo (of course) - I love to upload my photos from my home computer and send them to COSTCO - they're inexpensive and the quality is great and not to mention, they're done in an hour, some spray adhesive, foamcore, ruler, craft knife and mounting material of your choice (I used the 3M removable strips)
How to Make It
1. Spray the adhesive on the back of the photo following instructions on the can.
2. Smooth the photo on the foamcore with your clean hands.
3. Cut to desired size using ruler and craft knife.
4. Place the mounting material on the back and hang on the wall.

I've taken tons of photos the last couple of years, so I took my stash and laid them out to see how they'd fit over my couch - an after picture soon...

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