Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hearts Afire
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What You Need
Shrink Plastic
Heart hole punch, 1” across
1/8” diameter hole punch
Flat nose pliers
Jump rings, gold
Charms, assorted small hearts
Crystal candle holder
Clear plastic, non-shrinking
Permanent pen, red
Heart necklace charms with three holes along one edge and one along another edge
Scissors, small
Tea candle
Chain necklace for tea lamp
E6000® Craft Glue
What To Do
  1. Punch hearts from shrink plastic. NOTE: Candleholder: Punch 12. Tea Lamp: Punch 8, leaving ¼ between four punched hearts. Cut apart, leaving 1/8” around all edges, forming a heart within a square.
  2. Punch holes in center of hearts and one edge of each heart within a square for hanging, using small hole punch. NOTE: Tea Lamp: Do not punch holes in four hearts.
  3. Color with red pen.
  4. Tea Lamp – Glue chain to shade, leaving even drapes hanging below bottom edge (see photo). Let dry. Place jump ring on chain at center of each drape and add a charm. Evenly spacing shrunk hearts and heart within a square on chain. Glue hearts where chain is glued on shade.
  5. Candleholder – Cut clear plastic desired diameter. Cut center out with small scissors diameter of candle. Punch four holes equal distance around edge of plastic. Place shrunk hearts and charms on heart necklace charm, using jump rings. Place each on plastic circle, using jump ring. Place ring over candle in candle holder.

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