Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I got my nephew's a really cool Christmas gift - Air Swimmers.  A friend sent me a video months ago about them and I was so intrigued, I ordered it.  Then, I see it's one of the top gift items at Toys r Us.  It's huge, fun and really looks like it's swimming in the air.
I've had the idea for this cake for a couple of years and thought this was the year to try it out.
This was kind of a combo gift for my sister.  My parents were both rural mail carriers and we have this 'thing' about mailboxes.  I had my brother cut holes in the mailbox (not an easy thing) and then I gave my sister tons of succulents to choose from (from a friends garden) and she planted it.  My brother got into the fun and made himself a succulent garden and then my mom even found a pot and made one.  My sister is going to add a large 'cabbage' succulent in the front.  Can't wait to see the plants grow and spread to hopefully cover the mailbox.
I was headed out of town and decided to go through downtown Lemoore - I love small town America where there's still a Christmas tree in the center of town and decorations hanging over the street!

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