Thursday, June 07, 2012

Creating a Monarch Waystation

In case you hadn't noticed, I LOVE butterflies.  I can trace my fascination back as far as a drawing assignment in college. The assignment was to draw a self portrait and add something to it that represented me.  I remember kind of fighting the assignment because I didn't want to 'foul-up' my self portrait by adding something. I don't remember consciously picking a butterfly but none-the-less there it was. Well, these many, many years later, beautiful butterflies are very much present in my life.  So, when I recently saw an article about creating a Monarch waystation, I immediately ordered the kit filled with seeds to grow different milkweeds, sages, Mexican Sunflower, etc., etc.  The website where I purchased the kit has so much information about Monarchs.  I can even certify my Monarch waystation but until then, pardon me while I go find the perfect place to plant my seeds.


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