Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fused Glass Garden Dishes

What a FANTASTIC day!!!!  A friend and I attended a fused glass class today and here is the beginning of our creations.  We cut the glass pieces, placed them on a clear glass sheet of glass, they are in the kiln and being heated to fuse the glass pieces to the clear glass.  48 hours later they'll be done!  Can't wait to see the finished project.   

After the class we had an awesome lunch and then were off to the Renaissance Festival in San Luis Obispo - full day and it's only a little after 5:00 - yesterday was a long day - I worked all day on my backyard.  Pictures soon.

Here's my creation.

And, what does tomorrow hold?  The fused glass teacher is having a different class tomorrow - a birdfeeder!!!  Can't wait!

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