Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Craft Wars

Here's a blast from my past.  My buddy Scott Wilkinson (hubby of Pattiewack and fab videographer) shared this link this morning from a taping of Craft TV we did over ten years ago at my home.

From Scott "This was the very first episode of Craft TV with our kick-off "Craft Wars" segment. We shot and produced this in June 2002 and sent this out to our subscriber list via snail mail. Can you believe it, 10 years later and our concept is still fun and relevant. Watch Pattiewack and Joan Fee battle off with berry baskets in the very first "Craft Wars". How fun! What could you make from berry baskets in 30 minutes? Stay tuned as we begin to upload over 300 crafting segments from our Craft TV series. Some of them are old and funky, but all of them are super fun. Crafts, crafts, and more crafts."

Check out who wins the crown!

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