Monday, May 06, 2013

I'm Scared! I Can't! What If I Make A Mistake?

Jack LaLanne Website

How many times have you heard that little negative voice in your head ?  It happened to me this morning but I powered through it and here's how:

My resistance started last week when I received an email from Elaine LaLanne's assistant.  You remember Jack LaLanne, the famous health guru?  I had made arrangements for Elaine, Jack's wife, to do a presentation at a club I belong to.  It was a wonderful experience going to their home to pick up gifts she had for the attendees, hearing her speak (AMAZING!) and then last week, I was asked to write a quote that would appear on the new Jack LaLanne website (me?  really?)  I was really honored but with that came pressure to say just the right thing.  You know what I did?  Instead of sitting here paralyzed, I just jumped in and did it!  The more we think about the things we're afraid of, the more time we waste and who knows where taking that little step will lead.  Like they say, one bite at a time, one baby step, one stitch, one glue dot, one word at a time.  Make whatever you're resisting happen today!

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