Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Birthday Candy Bar Centerpiece

We couldn't get together for my cousin's 60th birthday last year so we celebrated it a tad bit late at a family reunion last weekend.  I wanted to do a themed gift from 1960's candies but wanted a different presentation.  That's when I stumbled upon a very tall Happy Birthday wine glass at my local discount store.  To weigh it down, I added clear marbles from the dollar store, attached wood skewers to the back of the candy bars with shipping tape and then stuck the skewers into the marbles and I was done.  Almost forgot - the birthday flag - I cut some double-sided scrapbook paper in a flag shape, printed off the greeting on my printer, glued it on the flag and then glued the flag around a painted dowel.  I used stick glue so it was quick to dry and it's sturdy.  I added some curly ribbon to the top and made a simple tissue paper flower that I glued to the top of the dowel.  I did add some other things besides candy like bubbles and crayons - I couldn't find jacks!!!  My cousin, Marsha, was totally surprised!!!  Love it!

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