Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Valentine's Day Ideas

I had such a fun time making all of these projects using the EZScreenPrint product.  You start by creating just the design you want - yes, you use your own design - that's what makes this product so neat - you can totally customize whatever you want! 

Greet your guests with a cute hanging decoration.  I put cup hooks under the handrail on my stairs so I can decorate for all of the holidays.  A few of these would also look great hanging from your light fixture.
Use fabric paint and stencil on cloth or paper napkins.

 I love this centerpiece.  I stenciled the hearts onto heavy cardstock and while still wet, I sprinkled on glitter.  Let the paint dry. Cut them out, glue a skewer to the back and when they're dry, add them to your floral arrangement.
 Cupcakes are all the rage.  I stenciled on shrink plastic that's for use with ink jet printers.  Right after I applied the paint, I placed a paper towel over the paint and gently blotted it.  If you don't, your paint will get kind of furry looking and we can't have that!  Follow the instructions on your shrink plastic to shrink.  Oh!  For those who have never used shrink plastic (I have adored shrink plastic since I was a kid) you do your image on the plastic, put it in the oven and it shrinks about 60%, gets the thickness of a nickle and hard.  Great for making cupcake picks and tons of other projects.  Another, oh!  As you're cutting out each cupcake pick, leave about a 2" long x 1" wide piece at the bottom to insert into the cupcake.
 Come on over, I have cupcakes!

You'll want to make your gifts extra special too.  Stencil right on the wrapping paper, gift bag or card.  Sprinkle on some glitter if you'd like and be ready for a special evening.
This t-shirt adds a great touch to tie your entire Valentine's Day celebration together.  Add some iron-on crystals in a coordinating color and you're ready for the perfect party!

Ready to try screen printing?  Get started with a 15% off discount - just use joan15 when you're checking out and there's no minimum order.  Screen printing is as addicting as chocolate!  www.EZScreenPrint.org  Check it out!

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