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Monday, October 06, 2008

Harbor Festival, Thanksgiving Ideas, an Anniversary and Just Plain ol' Life!

Congratulations Frances & Rudy! It's been two years today that my friends Frances and Rudy were married in a very beautiful setting near Kings Canyon National Park. Wonky cakes were the centerpiece on EACH table sitting on cake stands that Rudy altered by adding lights around the plates. I was part of the wedding party dressed in my favorite color - burgundy - the wedding was so filled with romance, beauty, margarita machines, family and friends. So very beautiful and touching! It all started with me saying to Frances one day at work "If not now, when?" I have been saying those very words to myself a lot, what are you waiting for?

Yesterday was the Morro Bay Harbor Festival and it was such a delightful day - my sister and nephew came over and we ate delicious bbq, touched crabs and starfish in a touching tank, talked to people who have been restoring a lighthouse nearby, listened to bands (there were three) and I even danced with a stranger on the sidewalk for a couple of seconds. We went into a restaurant that had been calling to all of us for some time but we just had never gone in. It's called The Fireman's $5 Dinner. Customers were encouraged to decorate pieces of flat, thin styrofoam and stick them on the walls and ceiling - some were elaborately decorated, but most were sayings about firemen with a little bit of policeman humor too.

So, my sister, nephew and I got on the discussion of Thanksgiving. Our holiday festivities get pretty complicated with my sister having sons who live out of the area and my brothers family alternates with my sister-in-laws family. I mentioned that Dad wanted to have Thanksgiving out in the barn (I guess my little Thanksgiving hayride and desserts in the barn last year was a hit with him). Well, that conversation escalated to plans of doing the whole dinner outside at my brother's firepit two doors down from my parents. We even planned the menu, thinking of things that could be cooked easily. I was speculating that with an engineer for a nephew that he'd motorize a spit for the turkey (I think that would be cheating.) Now, the pies are a different story! We haven't figured out that one - my sister suggested an apple cobbler in a Dutch oven. I even mentioned that Dad has told us over the years how he churned butter as a kid. It actually sounds exciting. We even discussed bartering or trading neighbors for the things we need - eggs, milk (she types shaking her head!) We'll see how far this goes. I'll chat with my mom about it when I see her tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it's a day of catching up on video editings for You Tube (I'll let you know when they're posted!), getting ready to head to The Valley to do the video voice overs and see family and friends. I still haven't gotten all my cruise clothes together - I need to do that SOON before the stores are completely out of summer clothes.

Make it a great week!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

MTV Gift Lounge

I never know what exciting thing I will get to work on - Gloria (my graphic design friend) and I had so much fun doing these signs that will go with product at the MTV Gift Lounge coming up at the end of the month. They are very dimensional and colorful - the Crafty Chica is very glittery, the Collage Pauge is very collagie and the Iron-On Crystal sign is very sparkly!!! Gloria did a great job cutting, gluing and putting her style on the signs!

A fun twist to this project was having Gloria's cubiclemate getting involved helping with the words - he just added it to everything we brainstormed, so his new nickname is Crick It - his name is Kirk and Kirk It didn't roll off the tongue, so I renamed him Crick It - I razzed him this morning that he's actually responding to his new name - love IT!