Monday, July 23, 2007

More about my Zipline Trip!

I flew into Vancouver and was met by my bro and family. It was the oddest thing to have it still be light after 10:00 p.m. The next morning we drove north to Whistler - the countryside was absolutely beautiful - I saw the most gigantic waterfall I've ever seen (minus Niagara Falls) and some of the greenest landscape I've seen in ages - just gorgeous!

We had a whole day and a half to meander around Whistler before our big adventure. There was great food, great company, great fresh air and I even got a little (gasp!) Christmas shopping done.

OK, so it was finally time to harness and helmet up and go ZIP! It was so very awesome! I was never afraid for one minute but I certainly thought I would be. The guides attach you to the zipline (it's a metal cable that's only 1" in diameter!) You can see the steps to nowhere in the 'launch pad' picture - you just walk down the steps until you can barely touch one, you lean back and you're 'zippin'. We were hundreds of feet above the ground with a huge raging river below us...we were done all too soon. Now, I'm searching for my next adventure...hmmmm...what will it be?

On the way to the Zipline drop off point, our guide pointed out that what we were driving by was Curve 16 of the bobsled run for the 2010 Olympics - that will be so neat to watch the Olympics on TV and know that I was RIGHT THERE.

Back into civilization, we took an afternoon trip on the ferry over to downtown Vancouver where the Expo was held a few years ago - I had been to the Expo and it was odd to see the white sailed building still there at the waterfront.

The vacation ended by attending my sister-in-laws family reunion (when I heard there was a Zipline where they were going, I invited myself along!). It was so fun to see how other families celebrate - there was a game about Canada's history - since the rest of the family was from the US we had to really tax our brain to figure out the answers (and some we didn't know at all!). The prizes were Canadian items.
What a great trip!


Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of guts to step out over that edge, not knowing what's going to happen.

I applaud your strength and courage Joan!

Joan said...

It wasn't as bad as I thought - I just did it and it was awesome every time! I was NEVER scared!

Now, I've been thinking about my next challenge(s) and I'm going to have to do some mind of matter with these.

I've always had a fear of snakes - it's a REAL big deal for me. When I was a little girl we were driving across country, stopped in a rest stop out in the desert and just as I was about to do my thing - my mom grabbed my arm and literally threw me out of the stall - there was a rattlesnake behind the toilet! I've decided to take that on next - I'm going to invite my nephews to go with me to the local zoo - in the past, I haven't even been able to go into the reptile house.

AND, my next challenge - giving blood - it's something I've thought about doing many times, but the fear factor always comes in. I know it's the ultimate gift and it's something I really want to do...I met a woman at a recent event who is a facilitator at a blood bank, she offered to come and chat with me while I did it and we could sit and eat cookies afterward. More on that soon...

Anonymous said...

Facing and overcoming fears is always a positive step. It's odd how little things from our past can reach up and bite us, although that's probably not a good expression to use, since you're dealing with snakes in a loo!

Joan said...

OK, I'm taking small steps toward this fear thingie...I printed off pictures of rattlesnakes and have them on my desk. They really are beautiful when I get beyond the fear. I just emailed my sister-in-law to see if my nephews are available next weekend to go to the zoo.

The blood donation thing - I researched the options - found out where the closest place is (thank goodness there's one only a couple blocks from where I live) - I read the info on the website. I have to admit I felt queasy while I was reading the info. The next step...the ultimate make the appointment. That's next weeks challenge.