Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

My life has been a whirlwind since I came back from Lauren's last weekend. Let's get caught up...

Let's see, last night - I had the most delightful long dinner with someone I went to high school with. I ran into her shopping last November and it took this long to get together. I lost her phone number and ran across it recently and just picked up the phone and called. Bonnie and I knew each other in high school - there were about 250 people in our graduating class so pretty much everybody knew everybody. We hit it off and chatted for 3 hours! We have a similar history and it was nice to compare notes and see where we've been, what we've done and talk about what we're going to do! She is very insightful, so I need to just kick back tonight and think about some things she said. AND, she's crafty too - she scrapbooks, so she invited me to her rec center where she lives so we can do some projects. She only lives a couple blocks away - why we haven't run in to each other more I don't know!

I am slowly facing my little nephews and I are heading to the zoo this weekend and I'm going into the Reptile House - I hear (not sure about this part!) they will actually let you touch them . On to my second fear - giving blood. My sister-in-law and I are getting together next week - moral support is good! I am very inspired by a co-worker. Patty has now had three brain surgeries in the last few months. We just got word this morning that she has a catheter through her chest applying antibiotics directly to the infection in her brain. My heart goes out to her family.

We are busily creating new products at work - things you'll see in a few months. I can't wait to share them with you - they are VERY exciting.

Not much crafting has been going on in my world, just a lot of sitting in front of the computer.

This weekend will be fun - I haven't spent much time with my nephews lately, so I'll get my fix - they'll spend Friday night with me (here's my guess as to what we'll do...Sonic for dinner and then to the bookstore where Aunt Joan will spend way too much money - I'm not complaining, really, I am more than happy to buy them books!) Saturday is the zoo in the morning before it gets too hot. Then, a trip to take them home and back in town to get ready for an awesome jazz concert at the park - this is the third year I've been to it - different restaurants bring in food, so it's a tasty treat too with auctions, etc - it's a fundraiser, so it's all perfect. Last year, the saxophonist brought my friend and me up to the stage area to dance - yikes! I don't do things like that...but facing those fears again - it was OK.

Oh, yes! I started a Hip Hop exercise class this week - I took a similar class last year and everyone in it could MOVE! This class was different - we were all about the same experience level so I didn't look so bad and I kept telling myself that we were all there for the same reason - to MOVE!

Details next week!


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