Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kids' Craft Dinosaur Glitter T-shirt

Sparkling Kids' Dinosaur T-shirt

Create a friendly glittering dinosaur for your special little one with a stencil made from freezer paper!

What You Need
Tulip Glitter Bond
Tulip Fashion Glitter (desired color)
Tulip Iron-On Crystals
Aleene's Jewel-It Glue
Pattern (coloring books are a great source)
Wiggle eyes
Scratch paper

How To Make It
Prewash your shirt to remove sizing. Don't use fabric softener in the washer or dryer.

To make stencil, place freezer paper over pattern, with shiny side down. Trace. Cut on inside of lines.

Place stencil on T-shirt. Iron to adhere. Place cardboard inside shirt to keep glue from seeping through the layers of T-shirt.

Using sponge included with Glitter Bond, dab into Glitter Bond and dab into openings of stencil. Immediately, sprinkle on the glitter. Tap the glitter with your finger to adhere. Tap excess glitter off on scratch paper. Remove stencil.

Glue on crystals and wiggle eyes with Jewel-It. Let dry.

T-shirt can be washed after 72 hours. Turn inside out and for best results hand wash or use gentle cycle. Hang to dry.

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Canari said...

this is exactly what i need!!! thank you so much!!!!!