Friday, April 04, 2008

Slipper Fridays

It's Official - It's Wear Your Slippers to Work Friday!!!

I've heard of Hawaiian Shirt Friday, but not Wear Your Slippers to Work Friday - until last Friday!

We had a Marketing Department meeting last Friday and Valerie, our boss, decided to have a little fun. She gave us all different numbers when we walked into the room - a little scary, might I add. She went around the room (by number) and asked each of us a question. Some were: 'How many pairs of shoes do you have?', 'Have you ever been to Bentonville, Arkansas?' (BTW, it's where Wal-Mart's headquarters are.) When she came to me, I got the question 'Have you ever worn your slippers to work?'

This question came about because of Josh - one of our co-workers. Josh, is a very sophisticated guy - great clothes, great shoes, just a great guy...well, the story goes that he wore his slippers to work one day - he says it was a accident. So, that's how I got the question about wearing slippers to work. So, Valerie, declared Wear Your Slippers to Work Friday's.

I went around the building this morning and found some participants - not many mind you! Strangely, our two Linda's, who happen to work side-by-side, have the same slippers - Sock Monkey's!!!

AND, Joshua, the person who started all this, wore TENNIS SHOES!!!

The first Linda I encountered!

Then, I encountered the second Linda (Lindy). Too cute!

Joshua's shoes!

I have to admit that I have errands to run after work, so I brought 'regular' shoes to change into.

Don't let your weekend 'slip' away!


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