Sunday, May 11, 2008

Delightful Mother's Day

Twenty-five of us spent the day together including my mom and family and my sister-in-law's family. We had wonderful food, superb weather - my family lives on a farm, so we ran all over 40 acres of farm land. I took a few pictures -
The lavender flowers are actually alfalfa that's past it's prime.

The building with roses is our neighbors - I liked the contrast of the roses on the rustic building.

My family was quite proud to have their oats baled on Saturday - 838 (I think) bales! My dad planted the hollyhocks many years ago and they just keep coming back year after year.

The weekend had many high points and Saturday was a day of sadness, but also a celebration of a very full and long lived life. My seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, passed away this week - she was a very strong influence on me, the members of my family and many, many others. Her husband was the principal of the very small elementary school my family attended, so we had a very tight community.

At the funeral, I saw friends from my elementary school I hadn't seen in ages and even saw my kindergarten teacher - I won't even mention how many years it's been since I've seen her - I didn't recognize her (OK, she didn't recognize me, either!). It was strange to see my 4th grade teacher, who, back in the day, seemed like a giant - when she took off her shoes, we were about the same height. A very touching part of the funeral was when the minister read part of Mrs. Wilson's life story - written by her. So much I didn't know about her...

When I began my singing lessons recently, Mrs. Wilson was on my mind - she was my singing teacher - everyone was required to take singing, so it wasn't as if I was special, but she did influence me considerably.

Over the years I have written to the Wilson's when I was not living close enough to visit - I am so glad I took the time to let them know how special they were to me.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of the alfalfa blooms. It goes to show that not everything that has "gone to seed" has lost it's beauty. Just because we have matured does not mean that we are past our prime!