Thursday, May 22, 2008

MTV Gift Lounge

I never know what exciting thing I will get to work on - Gloria (my graphic design friend) and I had so much fun doing these signs that will go with product at the MTV Gift Lounge coming up at the end of the month. They are very dimensional and colorful - the Crafty Chica is very glittery, the Collage Pauge is very collagie and the Iron-On Crystal sign is very sparkly!!! Gloria did a great job cutting, gluing and putting her style on the signs!

A fun twist to this project was having Gloria's cubiclemate getting involved helping with the words - he just added it to everything we brainstormed, so his new nickname is Crick It - his name is Kirk and Kirk It didn't roll off the tongue, so I renamed him Crick It - I razzed him this morning that he's actually responding to his new name - love IT!

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