Monday, July 28, 2008

Blast Off!

Change, Change, CHANGE! (and I'm not talking about the stuff in my pocket!)

A HUGE opportunity presented itself and I jumped on it without hesitation or fear (totally unlike me!)

While on my vacation at the ocean a couple months ago I knew I absolutely belonged there - I felt at peace, relaxed and comfortable. Not too long after I got home from vacation I got an unexpected phone call from my parents - one of their rental houses became available on the Central Coast of California in a wonderful little city on the ocean. This is a cottage my dad built back in the early 1960's in panels at home in the San Joaquin Valley, loaded them up for the 3 hour trip in a U-Haul truck and finished putting the house together on site - I have a picture of me standing in front of the U-Haul truck (I can't find it at the moment, or I'd post it, but these pictures are from back in the 60's. The hill is now covered with homes and that's me second from the left and no, the house is no longer painted Flamingo). This house has many joyous kid memories - we spent a lot of time here in the summers and on weekends getting away from the summer heat of the Valley. But, with this new beginning, comes many farewells and thoughts of what of the last few years have encompassed.

I moved to Fresno 3 years and 9 months ago to work for Duncan Enterprises as the writer while my 25 year marriage was ending. My friends at Duncan have seen me at my worst (and best!) - they have been there as my cheerleaders, my friends, my teachers...

In the 3+ years, I have seen a lot of changes not only in myself but with my co-workers and friends - Patty has had 3 fabulous babies and two brain surgeries, my friend Frances got the courage to introduce herself to her neighbor when I asked her If Not Now, When? - this October they will have been married 2 years - you go Frances!!! Many people have come and gone, but I appreciate everyone who has come into my life and the valuable life lessons they have shown me.

My family, especially my brother and sister-in-law and their sons Justin and Brandon have been an awesome comfort to me - Brandon and Nicki even stayed with me one night a week for over a year while Nicki finished her college degree. Nicki invited me to many concerts and enlightened me on new music groups - their CD's grace my shelves to this day. BTW, Bon Jovi rocks!

One person who came into my life just a short year ago and who has guided me with her gentle care and outstanding knowledge through this last year is Lindy. Lindy and Doug became friends - we spent a wonderful day doing the zipline and enjoying the Gold Country and they came at the last minute to haul away stuff I no longer needed. We did a lot of lunches together and now we have a standing Wednesday lunch phone call. She goes out into the Duncan rec park and last Wednesday I went outside and weeded my yard while we talked.

My IT guy, Rocky, is fabulous! Rocky rescued me on many occasions and was there in the end to take a boat anchor of a computer away for me. He's been there when I yelled "help!". Thanks Rocky!!!
I think I better stop because I'd be up all night thanking everyone, so I'll do a blanket thank you to everyone at Duncan, my family, friends and to my off-site friends (oh, I just have to send a shout-out to Pattie Donham Wilkinson - PattieWack - she was the one who told me way back when that Fresno was my landing pad - after a couple months she changed and said it was my launching pad - I found a picture of a rocket blasting off that said 'blast off' on it that I saw every day when I walked out my door.) Thanks for being there (there has been several places the last 3+ years...)

So, for a month I frantically packed boxes, threw stuff away, worked full time, went to Goodwill with things I knew would no longer work in my life and last weekend my brother and I packed me up and moved me over to Paradise (my bro's word).

So, I have been painting and and making the cottage my new home. I have lots of things to fix and lots of things to do - after I painted, I noticed I got some light sage green paint on the cottage cheese ceiling - I got out my Aleene's True Snow and dabbed it over the green paint and it was gone! Love it!
I look forward to keeping you updated on my blog letting you in on the secrets to 'small space living', exciting crafts and life's little adventures.

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