Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spray Paint Silhouettes

Stunning Silhouettes
Here's a quick gift or a unique home dec accent. You can also do a person's silhouette -the how-to is below...

What You Need
Self-adhesive shelf paper
Spray paint, desired color to accent colors in plate
Straight pin
Silhouette (see step 2 below)

How to Make It
1. Wash plate.
2. Choose silhouette. For a person, use a light to project profile on wall and trace on paper or find interesting silhouettes on the internet. Print silhouette to fit plate and it’s perfectly OK to have the silhouette go off edge.
3. Cut around edge of silhouette. Trace on paper side of shelf paper. There are two ways to cut the silhouette and each has a totally different look – you can get a positive or a negative image depending on how you cut out the stencil. To cover up a certain area of the plate, carefully out on the outside of the lines – the bird plate is an example of this cutting technique. To have an image in a certain area and you want the paint not to cover the rest of the plate, cut out on the inside of the lines – an example is the butterfly.
4. Remove backing from shelf paper and place on plate. Go around all edges of the stencil with your fingernail. Place plate on newspaper.
5. Prepare spray paint per instructions on can. Spray lightly from side to side of plate. Spray until desired color is achieved. Let dry.
6. Carefully remove the shelf paper with a straight pin.


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