Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fall Weekend

My weekend plans totally changed with a wonderful storm that blew in last night. My brother and I cancelled our plans to work in the yard - I'm a little disappointed, because I'd really like to get it done, but I know there's nothing we could do about it. So, it has turned into a lazy day - I didn't sleep all that well last night, I kept waking up and I finally had to get up and take down a wind chime I have outside. It was one of those nights when the brain would not shut down.

My sister called this morning to solidify our plans for tomorrow's power plant tour and we wound up talking for an hour while comparing the storm - she lives 20 minutes away. Her oldest son is celebrating his 30th birthday (how can it be possible?) this week, so we finalized plans for his party next weekend.

I have many projects I'd like to dive into, but the couch keeps calling my name. I did practice my singing this morning - I just might be getting together with a friend to sing a few bars this week so I thought I'd get warmed up. I took to heart the email my friend sent me about singing and how we just need to let it bring happiness to us with no regard as to if it's good or bad.

I had another one of those you never know things happen yesterday - I got a call from the people I was working with on the writing job I just finished up. They asked if I would do the voice over for the project - that means me reading the words I wrote and it being added to video presentations that will be shown to huge corporations to educate them about their products. I accepted (actually I was honored) and will head back to Fresno this week to do that and I've already set up lunch and dinners to catch up with my friends. This is turning out to be the best of all worlds - fabulous weather and opportunities to see my friends and family.

Since my weekend plans went away, I started sorting through some more things and came across a CD with the butterfly pictures on them from four years ago and thought I'd share their beauty.

Relax and enjoy your Saturday,


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