Monday, January 05, 2009


I just got back from seeing the movie Seven Pounds - not quite the movie I had expected...but, when I got home, I had a message on my answering machine. It was from the Director of the Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE) at the local university, Cal Poly. She asked me to be on the community advisory committee!!! I am soooooo very excited!!! I met her at a luncheon a couple of months ago and now look where a simple email took me. We're chatting tomorrow about details...

Later...I knew I wanted to be a BIG part of this organization, but the more I did research, the more I saw the fit. Here are the Director's goals - First, to develop comprehensive exercise-nutrition-behavior programs to improve weight, body composition, and physical and metal health across the lifespan. Second, to conduct research to determine the program’s effectiveness. Third, to work within existing institutions, such as after-school programs, community or health centers, to amplify the program’s availability to diverse populations. Fourth, to establish Cal Poly as a nationally recognized education resource and center of obesity-related expertise.

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