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Make Mom Jewelry Ideas

Victorian Choker and Earrings for Mom

The beautiful roses and leaves are created from white bread and Aleene's Tacky Glue!!!

How to make bread dough roses!!! It's super simple!!!

What You'll Need

Bread, 1 slice white
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Aleene's Jewel-It Fabric Glue
Acrylic paint: colors for roses and leaves
Charms, pearls and small buttons
3 Buttons, large for base - approx. 1" diameter
Zip-top plastic bags
Hook and loop tape
Grosgrain ribbon, enough to go around neck, plus 2"
Earring backs
Needle or pin

How to Make It

Bread Dough

Remove crust from bread and discard. Tear bread in small pieces and place in one zip-top bag. Add 1 tablespoon Tacky Glue and close bag. Knead ingredients until smooth. Separate into two balls. Place each ball in a zip-top plastic bag. Add a small drop of acrylic paint into each bag, close and mix. Add more paint as desired. Store in plastic bag while making roses and leaves.

Bread Dough Roses
General info:

Rose buds and petals all start using a small pea size ball of colored dough that is pressed into a thin circle.

1. For bud, start to roll from right to left, lightly turning top of roll back so petal looks as if it is opening.
2. For first petal, roll back top left side and top right side of dough circle a tiny bit. Lay original bud in center of petal and wrap first petal around center bud. Place petals a little bit higher than bud so when edges are curled back petal are same height.
3. For second petal, repeat as on first petal and place opposite first petal.
4. For third petal, repeat.
5. Add three more petals, overlapping. Cut back of rose off with scissors to flatten.
6. For leaves, use a pea size dough ball and mold into tear shape by squeezing one end. Flatten tear shape. For veins, use a needle or pin to mark lines.
7. Let roses and leaves air dry.


1. To keep ends of ribbon from fraying, place a thin line of Jewel-It Glue along each end. Let dry.
2. Separate hook and loop tape. Glue one side to end of ribbon and reverse side on back of ribbon.
3. Glue pearls, charms, buttons, roses and leaves to large button. Let dry. Glue to center of ribbon. Let dry.


Glue pearls, charms, buttons, roses and leaves to large buttons, using Jewel-It Glue. Let dry. Glue earring backs to back of buttons.

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This is so cool . I will tell others to drop by and see this ! thanks for sharing!