Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thai Spring Rolls

This Girl Can Cook!!!

I haven't talked much about Kristin Ball, Cheryl Ball's sister, who is the third person in our Still Crafty After 50 group. Kristin is an amazing chef with vast experience and training including cooking at a golf course country club, Skywalker Ranch and with the number one caterer’s in Santa Rosa and Paso Robles. She designs the menu, prepares the food and even creates tablescapes for the finest wineries in California. She has designed craft projects for over twenty years and many of her designs have appeared in national magazines. She’s always looking for new and fresh ideas for both food and design. Kristin loves making every day things an event with her special touches.
Kristin's YouTube video Easy to Make Thai Spring Rolls was just picked up by chefcommons - congrats Krissy!!! Kristin also revamped the Ball Family Meatloaf Recipe and made it oh so healthy and oh so tasty!
I hosted the video with Kristin and I was amazed at how easy Spring Rolls are to make and not being a big veggie girl, they were outstandingly yummy! And, you can keep the wrappers on your shelf for ages at the ready to make them anytime!
Check out for more ideas from Cheryl, Kristin and me transforming those things from our youth that are hanging around into functional and fun projects and Kristin's healthy recipes for us, our parents and the children in our lives.
Make it a creative day!