Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Costco International Photo Contest 2009

Get out your cameras or dig in your archives and enter your best shot in the Costco International Photo Contest 2009

The theme is Give Us Your Best Shot and I am having such a hard time deciding which photo to submit. Is it a leaf photo or a shot from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma or maybe a picture of Morro Rock??? So difficult...

Here's a little bit about the contest:

Costco International Photo Contest 2009

International Grand Prize
$1,500 Costco Cash Card

National Prizes
First Prize: $1,000 Costco Cash card
Second Prize: $500 Costco Cash card
Third Prize: $250 Costco Cash card

All winners will also receive:
A two-pack leather photo album. Value of prize is $20.00. (Honorable mentions to be awarded at judges' discretion.)

You can check out last year's winners right here:

and for all the details the Costco website is:


Anonymous said...

Amazing glass shot Joan! Oak leaf too. Why not enter both?

Joan said...

Here's a comment from a high school classmate:

I like the leaf. It is natural and creates it's own art. The glass looks cool, but in a photo contest will be swallowed up by the competition I think. Light, shading, contrast, focal points are not involved in the glass, but are in the leaf. I just went to the photo judging process at the Fort Collins, Colo. fair. The leaf is a harder more gifted shot. In my opinion.

Joan said...

I wish I could, but there's only one entry per COSTCO membership. My goal this weekend is to go through my archive and select ONE!!!