Monday, September 28, 2009

Morro Bay Avocado & Margarita Festival

Avocado and Margarita Babes in Morro Bay

Denise and Jean, former co-workers at Aleene's Creative Living, came up for 'green day' in Morro Bay - avocados and margarita's. I hadn't seen Jean in years and years - thanks ladies for an awesome day - loved shopping in my home town! AND, Leslie Ann, Denise's daughter, was our official photographer - she'll be 21 in just a few days - she's not the little girl I knew back in the Aleene's days - time does march on so quickly.

We tasted yummy avocado themed food including Avocado Ice Cream (it was OK, give me chocolate!) and we did partake in a margarita even though it was chilly.

Harbor Festival this weekend - always something fun going on in town.

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