Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Memorial Service & Family

Yesterday was an interesting day filled with sadness, adventure and family. My family met in Bakersfield and then ventured out to the tiny town of Arvin for my uncle's memorial service at the Bakersfield National Cemetery. It is a new cemetery set among beautiful hills with majestic oaks. There was a 21 gun salute and the playing of taps. We went back to a restaurant in Bakersfield and heard about his life, his friends and his family. Uncle Warren was quite the daredevil - he loved to hang glide (he and my dad owned a hang glider together), they owned a Taylorcraft airplane together and they both loved to waterski. Hmmm...I think that makes my dad a daredevil, too!

My uncle built a Varieze airplane in his garage and people told of the first flights.
Twelve out of twenty-one first cousins were there. I hadn't seen most of them in seven years.

A cousin told us about Dewar's in downtown Bakersfield, so we had to go try the ice cream and 'chews'. So adorable inside!!!

The ceiling was so cute! They'd even glued some mosaic pieces to the ceiling and I do believe that is 3D paint accents.

RIP, Uncle Warren...

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