Monday, December 14, 2009

Craft for Health

Yummy Monster Roll-Up!

I'm stoked!!! An article I wrote entitled Creativity to the Obesity Rescue is featured on Craft for Health's philosophy is:

Crafting is the Secret Weapon. . .. . .in helping people improve their health, feel better and make something they feel good about. At Craft For Health, design & craft expert Kathy Peterson and Nurse Practitioner & RN Barb Dehn, The Craft Practitioners, join forces to share empowering anecdotes, inspiring stories and crafty tips about the therapeutic benefits of crafting.
Thanks, Kathy and Barb for spreading the word of how Crafting is the Secret Weapon!!!
Check out how to make the Yummy Monster Roll-Up! with my seven-year-old nephew, B Man and me at
Make today and everyday YUMMY!!!

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