Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shrink Plastic Christmas Earrings

I LOVE shrink plastic!!! (Tiffany Windsor even called me the Queen of Shrink-It on the Aleene's Creative Living television show!) When I was getting ready for a party this week, I found this adorable shrink plastic earrings a fan sent me years and years ago (they've held up really well!!!)She got fantastic detail with permanent pens.
You can purchase shrink plastic at a craft store or check out your recycle bin for #6 plastic containers. Coloring books or graphics from the internet make great patterns.

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Jason Crandall said...

I think lego's and shrink art/plastic may have been of my favorite pastimes at my grandmothers house (Marlene Watson). She just brought some over to my place last week, looking forward to playing with it with my kids.