Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tattoo Bowl

FINALLY!!! Do you ever have a project that just sits around - it's something you really want to do, but...well, this Tattoo Bowl has been a 'want to do' project of mine for literally years - probably 3 or 4. My friend had given me the bowl in ceramic greenware which means it's very soft and hasn't been fired yet. So, I meticulously carved the tattoo design into it and then had it fired. Well, it cracked when I fired it, so there it sat again for ages not knowing quite what to do with it. I finally filled the crack and decided to use the bowl as a decorative piece instead of adding ceramic glazes and making it waterproof. I painted it with acrylics and am VERY pleased at how it came out. It now adorns my coffee table. Love it!
Upward and onward on my next project!!! What shall it be?

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Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! It has a leathery tone; looks aged, like it has a long and interesting history.