Sunday, February 28, 2010

True Confession Time

Craft Designer Reveals Secret

Remember that Bucket List everyone was talking about a while ago??? I made my list and occasionally check off an item. Well, it's time to check off another one of those items but also to confess to something that's been a struggle for me all my life. I CAN'T DRAW!!! My dad is great at it - I remember him sitting and doodling in meetings and he'd draw amazing cars. Not this kid - didn't get his genes on that front! When I was a designer for all those years at Aleene's, I would hide my lack of drawing talent - patterns - oh my gosh, no! A couple of years ago, I submitted some design ideas to my friend, Pattiewack and later she told me in a very kind manner that I should brush up on my drawing ability. We had a good laugh!

I remember the day in elementary school when we learned (or tried to) perspective. I didn't get it!!! Kind of like the song in A Chorus Line - I felt nothing....

So, I signed up today for a drawing class and I believe the teacher wrote the class description with me in mind - "Would you like to go beyond stick figures? Are you a novice's novice? Tackle your 'demons' around drawing abilities and learn how to really make it work."

I sure hope it works!

I agreed today to do something else on my Bucket List, but I'll save that for another's a real YIKES! thing.

Challenge yourself today!!!



Anonymous said...

Good job! The more we fill our bucket; the less emptiness we have. That wasn't meant to be profound, but it sorta is.

Anonymous said...

Which is harder; the things we tell ourselves we can't do, or the things that we haven't allowed to happen?

I'd say the first!