Thursday, June 24, 2010

Class Reunion

The time has FINALLY arrived...

EVERYTHING is ready for the reunion. Favors are made, the centerpieces are ready to be placed on the tables and fluffed, banner ready to be hung to greet the guests, huge purple and gold decorations ready to be swaying in the breeze hanging from majestic oak trees - all we need are some TIGERS ready to celebrate!!!

I received an email late last night that a classmate found a slide presentation that we thought had been lost for about 30 years. Now, the hunt begins for a slide projector - my nephew asked 'what's a slide projector?' I told him it was next to the rotary phone...

Time to pack my car and head to my hometown for a weekend full of exciting activities and seeing some people I haven't seen in 35 years!!! Look out Lemoore, the Class of 1975 is coming to town!

Pictures next week of all of the decorations and activities.

Have a groovy weekend,

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