Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lemoore High School Class of 1975 Class Reunion

The following posts about my class reunion are a bit disjointed, but you'll get it after you look at all of them. Last weekend was my high school class 35th reunion and I was on the committee with two other core individuals who were dedicated to making this event a wonderful reality. For two years (actually longer) I have searched and searched to find our classmates - I wanted to give as many classmates as possible the chance to come celebrate and reminisce with friends. The reunion took a lot of planning but my friends Mike and Diane made it a lot of fun - I will miss our emails, phone calls and meetings - such joy, such fun, so rewarding.
The picture above includes a few of my elementary school classmates that I also graduated with from high school - a couple of them I went kindergarten through high school. We only had a graduating class of about 40, so that's a pretty good turnout.

The barn is incredible!!! What you can't see is the airplane propeller on the other side of the building that is run by a giant pulley to act as a fan to cool the barn. The setting among the oak trees was stunning, the pond with a bridge was cooling, the Red Rock Saloon is so nostalgic, the jail - well, it's a jail, and the greenest grass I've ever amazing place...thanks, Mike, for working your connections to get us such a terrific place to hold our reunion...

To those who helped with making this reunion 'come to life' - thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work. To the classmates who attended, thanks for coming and thanks for being a part of my life...


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Anonymous said...

I'm sure this would not have happened without your determination and organization. What a very creative and fun event!