Saturday, May 21, 2011

Web Design Class

I started an on-line web design class this week and I'm pretty excited.  I remember taking an HTML class many, many years ago and it didn't gel, as a matter of fact it didn't do anything for me except upset me.  So, I was quite surprised a few months back when I decided to take a web design class at the local university after having a couple of clients (yup, I'm a freelance writer) ask if I knew a web designer.  I thought for a couple of hundred bucks and a couple of Saturdays I would see if it was something I wanted to pursue.  I was quite surprised when it actually made sense this time.  That spurred me on to take this on-line six week class.  I'm through the first five chapters and missed one on my quiz so we'll see how it evolves. 

So, even if something, be it a craft or something technical, didn't work out for you the first time, give it another chance.  Who knows where it might lead... 

Craftingly and webingly yours,

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