Friday, May 18, 2012

Butterfly Party Activities

I took the ladies on a kind of mystery day of celebrating.  We went to Heidi Borchers' studio and had a great afternoon of mosaic making.

Even Aleene and Tiffany Windsor showed up to say 'hi!'

 Here's my heart before the grout.


 After I got home, I just had to add some swirls with a permanent pen.  I hung my mosaic on a quilt I have hanging on the wall.

After we were done with our mosaic projects, we journeyed to a dear friends house for a proper English tea prepared by another dear friend and her significant other. My friend's WONDERFUL home overlooks the bay and everywhere you look it is adorned with her amazing watercolor creations.  We all loved checking out her 900 square foot studio.  We had tons of little sandwiches, sausage rolls, sweets and lovely teas. 
 More edible butterflies
After the tea, some of the ladies went back to my house for a slumber party.  Denise owns a beauty shop and brought along the latest in nail polish - it was magnetic and so cool.  She brushed it on and while it was still wet placed a special magnet over the paint that made a design.  She said she could actually see it move.

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