Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Butterfly Party Decorations

Even a plant needs a little party umph!
Decorations really set the tone for a party so butterflies were EVERYWHERE at my house and at the tea.
Start your decorating before your guest even make it in the front door!

I hung butterfly streamers from the lamps in my staircase.  And, wrapped butterfly ribbon around the banister.

I applied stickers to some heavy paper, cut them out, punched two holes at the center and ran wire through them.  I twisted the wire in loops for a 'flying' effect.

I put stickers on the hanging lanterns.  I didn't press them on real hard so I can take them off and use them for other theme parties.

I got this cute hanging decoration at Oriental Trading Company along with butterfly suckers, tattoos, fans, etc., etc.  Cheap too!

I even 'dressed-up' my boot with some butterfly ribbon.
The table...

You can wet the edible butterflies a little with water and they adhere to a glass...just lovely.

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