Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eye Glass Jewelry

What do you do with broken eye glasses?  Toss them? Put them in a drawer and find them again ages from now?  Nope, you create personalized jewelry with them!

What You'll Need
Glue - Decoupage or any glue that dries clear
Napkins, Tissue Paper or Fabric
Gold or Silver Pen - optional
Pin Back or Leather Necklace
Words printed on your printer
Pliers - optional
1/2" wide or larger paintbrush

 How to Make It
1. If desired, remove lens from frame. (Note:  The necklace was made leaving the lens in the frame, cutting the frame at the center and after decoupaging it was glued to the leather necklace.)
2. Print desired word on printer to fit inside lens. Cut to desired size and shape.
3. Place lens on tissue paper, napkin or fabric. Trace with pencil.  Cut out on inside of lines.
4. Brush glue on back of lens. Immediately place words and then tissue, napkin or fabric piece over it. Smooth with your fingers. Brush glue over back. Let dry.
5. If desired, apply gold or silver pen along edges of lens.
6. Glue pin back on back of lens or glue frame to necklace. Let dry.

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