Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Leaf Notebook

Transform a boring inexpensive dollar store notebook into a work of art!

What You'll Need
Felt - assorted colors plus one large enough to cover notebook
3D Fabric Paint
Spray Adhesive
Felt Pen - any color

How to Make It
1. Place large piece of felt on work surface. Open notebook and place on felt.  Trace around outside edge with felt pen. Cut along traced lines.
2. Place felt piece on newspaper in a well ventilated area. Spray one side of felt with spray adhesive following instructions on bottle.  Place felt on back of open notebook. Smooth with your hands.
3. If desired, cut squares and / or rectangles from different colors of felt. Arrange on notebook. Free form circles and leaves from other colors of felt.
4. Spray adhesive on leaves and circles. Press in place on notebook. 
5. Apply 3D Fabric Paint where desired.  See photo for suggestions. Let dry.

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