Monday, June 03, 2013

Second Chance Prom


 Would you love to have a second chance to do it all over again?  A club I belong to is putting on a prom complete with a red carpet, a DJ, a celebrity guest, centerpieces, corsages - everything but a disco ball.

I was busy over the weekend creating some sample centerpieces to show to the committee this week.  Which one would you pick?
Swirled Elegance - A little scrap book paper, some wire swirls, crystals, flowers and we're ready to boogie!

Dollar Store Elegance - Create an elegant table setting for pennies (well, dollars).  Each person gets to take home the votive, complete with a battery operated flickering candle.

Candy Bar / Treat Centerpiece - I polled my facebook friends and so far this is the favorite - the base is a record, the bowl is created from a melted record and then I filled it with treats and tissue paper in the colors of the prom.

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