Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Minute and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Decorations

With Thanksgiving approaching here are a few ways to decorate your table with things you have around your home.  Last weekend I had a potluck at my house and had been so busy I didn't have any ideas to decorate my table.

I had bought a pumpkin basket at Michaels for less than $2.50 for part of a popcorn bar I had for my Bunco group.  (There is something to be said for waiting until the last minute to buy holiday decor - it was 80% off!)  I added some succulents from my yard to the basket and thought it wasn't Fallish enough.  I added in faux Fall leaves - still not enough pop of color.  That's when I saw my very Fallish colored cocktail napkins.  I opened them up, twisted them at the center and placed them among the succulents. 

I wanted a little favor for everyone to take home so I added some lentils (I was scrambling for ideas here...) to little cordial glasses a friend gave me, plopped in a succulent, added a faux leaf and cut a napkin in 1/4's and used them as little additions of color in the center of each place.

Check out the faux leaf inserted in the tongs of the forks.

Here's my less than $4 centerpiece (I'm guessing!)  Since not everyone has succulents, you could use some other kind of greenery, real Fall leaves, etc. to fill your basket - check out your yard, even ask a neighbor if you can do a little trimming for them!

 I used double-sided tape to stick faux Fall leaves on fishing line and tied them to my light fixture.

My guests were there from six until eleven so I think it was a successful night...

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