Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Birthday Weekend Highlights

Well, my birthday weekend was a blast! I did everything from having a party at my friend Doug's home to going to the cemetery for Memorial Day to painting ceramics with my nephew!
OK, so the cute blonde is my brother, David. I am so proud! Doug had a Barbie contest and David was the winner - world famous craft designer, Cheryl Ball, and my cubicle mate at work, Gloria, dressed David - they only had 10 minutes and all the contestant and "dressers" did an awesome job! Cheryl EVEN made a purse for David to carry! He kept those bows on his shoes the rest of the evening. Doug, you're a wonderful friend!!! Thanks for making my monumental birthday so memorable!
I always have to do something out of the ordinary - as a thank you, I handed out boxes filled with homemade Snickerdoodle Cookies (OK, and sugar free candies to the Weight Watcher's group). I glued the flower and ribbon on with Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue. I love the fact that the glue dries clear, so if I'm a little messy it won't show!

Then there was my cubicle at work! I was stunned when I walked in and found bead butterflies and dragonflies hanging from the ceiling and balloons EVERYWHERE! AND ice cream bars later in the afternoon.

Thank you EVERYONE who made MAYhem and my birthday so wonderful!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Who's the cute blond in pink?