Saturday, May 05, 2007


In looking back over the last week, many wonderful things came to mind...

1. Seeing tons of whales along the coast spouting and flipping their tails - awesome and perhaps the highlight!

2. Learning how to ballroom dance (and actually liking it!)

3. Doing skits and improv (OK, I'm still a little uncomfortable with this, but I did it)

4. Having two massages and hearing the lull of the ocean just below me

5. Meeting people from all walks of life and leaving as friends

6. Seeing a May Pole Dance (how fun and colorful!)

7. Delicious food that I didn't have to cook!

8. Seeing and 'drinking' in the ocean for 8 days!

9. Doing lots of creative things - collage, painting, etc...

10. Sleeping in and taking naps!

OK, 11. Seeing a totally Snoopyed out car - it was parked next to me at a hotel - amazing! Even the door lock knobs were Snoopy

Oh, yeah! On my way home, something hilarious happened and also signaled that I had had a completely relaxing weekend - I was out in the middle of nowhere and needed gas. I slid my credit card into the machine and it asked me to input my zip code - I COULDN'T REMEMBER WHAT MY ZIP CODE WAS!!! Thank goodness I had some paperwork in my car that had it on it - yikes!


violette said...

Wow.......looks like a beautiful holiday Joan!

Glad you had a wonderful time.


Joan said...

Hi Violette,

What's happening in your creative world?

And, yes, my vacation was beautiful!