Sunday, September 30, 2007

Da Weekend

It was one of those weekends I long with not too much pressing, the energy to get some things done and of course, to be creative!

I took these pictures last year, but since the season is changing I thought I'd include them. Ahhhh...

Friday, I had some work projects that needed done, so I got those out of the way - well, most of them.

Saturday, was spent doing some catch up things and in the afternoon my sister-in-law and I went to see a movie. I hate to admit this, but I hadn't been to a movie in probably over a year. We went to the somewhat new theater in my hometown - very strange for a small town to have eight screens and in the process of adding four more. Growing up we didn't have even one theater in town. Strange indeed. We did the girl thing after the movie - we SHOPPED! Nicki is used to having two little guys in tow, so she enjoyed just browsing and an unhurried pace.

Sunday was a very quiet day - I got my long walk in, worked some more and have been doing the usual catching up things everyone has to do.

I am going to Las Vegas next weekend to celebrate a friends birthday. We'll be gone almost four wonderful days - it'll be good to get outta town, have some fun and do some different things. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find the perfect gift for the person who has EVERYTHING!!! I did manage to scope out some tickets for an interesting VIP performance while we're there. I don't want to let anything out of the bag since my friend reads my blog. You'll just have to wait until I can spill the beans and tell about our wild trip in little over a week.

Until then, get out your glue and have fun!

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