Thursday, September 27, 2007

What a fantastic day!

Yesterday, I had the great PLEASURE of spending the day learning about ceramics from a world famous instructor - David Hoff. It was a day away from the office with just David and a co-worker, Lindy. The day was bright and beautiful and David's home was incredible with an amazing yard and great studio.

I am now writing/editing the ceramic instructions in addition to craft instructions so it was time to learn from the master. We went through the Creativity Guide (catalog) and talked about glazes and how they were different and what to apply them to. Then, it was time to make projects! We made a Wine and Dine plate and Saucer Vase.

David made us a wonderful lunch (he even bbq'd the chicken -yum) for our tasty salad. The day was warm, so we enjoyed chatting about ceramics in his backyard and watched squirrels running across the fence.

Our pieces went in the kiln yesterday and David will bring them by today - I can't wait to share with you.

It was a very informative day - thanks for sharing David! Lindy and I are already making plans for spending our lunch time making holiday gifts.


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