Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Four Days in Las Vegas and creativity was never far from my mind...

My friend Lauren (from our days working at Aleene's on the tv show and magazine) and I met in Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday.

It was a whirlwind four days - we NEVER lack for something to do and Lauren's rule is you NEVER come back the way you went, so we're always seeing new sights and interesting things - there is never a dull moment on our trips.

In Vegas you expect glitz, but it was EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING! Ideas to use Tulip Fashion Art products kept running around through my brain - Fashion Glitter, Iron-On Crystals...you'll be seeing some of the ideas I came up with right here very soon...The things I saw were hugely expensive and I'll show you how to make them inexpensively.

What we did...
Bellagio...whenever I go to Vegas I have to go to Bellagio and see the conservatory. They change the setting and decorations for the seasons and it is never disappointing. This time there were huge colorful blown glass leaves hanging throughout the casino.

I have been to Bellagio many, many times and never knew that just around the corner from the conservatory is the World's Tallest and Largest Volume Chocolate Fountain - it is quite impressive.

The desserts looked very yummy including my favorite - crepes (we didn't indulge, but I did promise Lauren I'd make crepes for her the next time we're together).

We chatted with a limo driver at the airport and he told us we had to go to Slots o Fun and have a ginormous hot dog for only 99 cents that would feed a family of 5 - with that kind of recommendation we just had to do it and then walked on the strip taking in all the changes and happenings.

When Lauren and I get together we don't need to spend lots of money to have the best time!!! At one point of our weekend, I was looking at some of the photos I'd taken and in one I had the goofiest face and decided to enlarge it to see it up close - it was so out there that we started laughing and couldn't stop - it was one of those awesome mascara running down the face times. I feel sorry for the nearby tour guide who was trying to get people registered for a tour while we were laughing uncontrollably. Thinking about it still brings a smile to my face.

Talk about creativity! This motorcycle was at one of the casinos. The accents were completely made of metal.
On our last night in Vegas, we went to the Wynn to celebrate Lauren's birthday. The Wynn is a fabulous hotel/casino/entertainment center. The settings are incredible - the bars unbelievable - The Parasol with of course, parasols all over, Bliss...very beautiful!

This incredible ceiling decoration was at the entrance to a restaurant in the Wynn - it's made of plates, silverware and a serving tray - it was awesome!

We went to see a performance of La Reve (which in French means The Dream). It was a phenomenal show - done in water. It's hard to explain, but it was part Ester Williams and part circus act...we had VIP passes - huge seats, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and monitors that showed what was going on behind the scenes before the show and what was going on under the water during the performance.

Our fun always has to come to an end...after staying up way too late last night, we were up at dawn to make our way back to the airport and fly to our respective homes. But, we're already planning our next adventure!

Thanks Lauren! You're a great traveling buddy!

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Anonymous said...

What an amazingly crafty story! Leave it to you to find the creativity in everything! It's nice that what happened in Las Vegas didn't stay in Las Vegas! Thanks!