Saturday, October 13, 2007

Craft Challenge at the Fair!!!
What a hoot I had this afternoon - I volunteered to do a Craft Challenge in the Home Arts Building at the fair and it was so much fun!

There were two teams and we each had the same box of craft goodies to choose from. We did two challenges and both times guys volunteered to be my partner. Tony, my first partner, was egged on by his six year old son. Tony picked a tin and decorated it with the Tulip Boho Appliques for Halloween, then he went for the Tulip Fashion Glitter - he couldn't get enough of that. When we still had time on the clock he opened up the tin and added fabric on the inside along with fluorescent colored wiggle eyes. Great job Tony!

In the second competition, my partner was Jason - he did an awesome job! He selected a clay pot from our box of goodies - he went to town decorating it with Tulip Fashion Glitter for grass, added some flowers with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and even added a wiggle eye sun. Jason is one creative dude.

Thanks to Lindy who got all of the supplies together (and asked me to volunteer) and Alee the designer on the other team. Alee's mom was there taking pictures and she promises to get me some soon so I can post them here.

I took a few minutes before the competition to check out the creative side of the fair - I couldn't believe the floral arrangements - the pink object with gladiolus is one of those foam pool toys, one even included paintbrushes as accents and one arrangement had Slinkies!!! A+ for thinking outside of the box.

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